Out of the Cocoon

Taking Fear out of the Future!



It can be terribly difficult maneuvering through the minefield of raising a child with a disability.

Tough questions that have been raised by parents who want to know:

  • What resources are out there for my child/adult child?
  • What happens when I am no longer able to care for my child? 
  • I have a plan for my family member when I am gone – how do I ensure that plan is followed?
  • What if I don’t like the plan I currently have but have nowhere else to go?
  • How do I make sure that my family member is taken care of financially without affecting their benefits?

And so many more……

At Chrysalis we are working on ways to help support families through these questions. This is a long-term project. We plan to have speakers come in and talk with families. We are looking for grants to help fund this project and develop some new ways to answer these tough questions.